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Origin of place names

“Ibaraki” as used in the prefecture name is derived from the Ibaraki-gun, placed in Kunigun Satosei era. In Ibaraki-gun conditions of the “Hitachi countries Topography”, the next two narrative as derived from the name of “Ibaraki” it has been cited. Akuzoku one, is Kurosaka life were dispatched Minister (multi Mr.) family from the Imperial Court, is intended that the burglar of indigenous peoples destroyed by using the Ibaratoge, and in another narrative, Kurosaka life is the people to protect them from, that built the castle in the thorns. There is also a theory viewed as a designation that refers to the “growing areas of thorns (thorns / Ubara)” a more narrative as another.

Ibaraki Prefecture profile

Ibaraki Prefecture, in the prefecture is located in the northeastern part of the Kanto region, 2,885,625 people prefecture’s population (April 1, 2018) area 6,094㎢. Prefecture number of municipalities is 44, of which the city of 32, the county is at 7, there is a town and two villages of 10 under it. The total production prefecture of fiscal 2008, 11 trillion 515.7 billion yen. Mito of plum and Hitachi of cherry There is also an important port and airport in a natural rich province with its famous Pacific Ocean and Yamizo Mountains, equipped with skills that can also be a base for logistics. Tokai-mura in the surrounding Japan Atomic Energy Agency is, in Tsukuba City, there is Tsukuba Science City, Tsukuba only at about 300 research institutions and companies and 20,185 people at the time 2012It says that prefecture of research institutions home to the researchers. The southern part has become a region of as Tokyo of bed Town Popular.

[Revised] Ibaraki Prefecture PR video “Outlook IBARAKI” Japanese version
[Trailer] [Shiori Enatsu] Shiori of travel photos ~ IBARAKI phototrip ~ Kitayama
I tried to sing the “Ibaraki Prefectural song” Hatsune Miku

● Information ●

Various events information

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Various tourist information

Hitachi Navi

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Ibaraki Prefecture Tourist Information Bureau

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Ibaraki symbol

form of KenAkira is, in deep rose a basic motif related to the nature and history of the prefecture, is what symbolized the rose buds began to open to the dynamic. Greeted the prefectural government 120 years, it was established on November 13, 1991.
Prefecture of flowers
were set out in the the March 28, 1966 as familiar to widely residents as a symbol of the citizens of the mind along with the “Rose” Prefecture chapter and provincial flag.
Prefecture of the tree
has been designated as the tree of the prefecture in the “plum” October 6, 1966. The plum of attractions Kairakuen, about 100 species, has 3,000 are planted.
Prefecture of bird
“lark” sky high dances spring of angels, like to sing that has a strength to excite the hope even in idyllic, also, wheat raising is in harmony with the thriving Ibaraki of the environment, even in has been popular bird It has been specified from the fact that there is.
Prefecture of fish
has been determined to be “flounder” June 1, 1995. Other, seasonal fish, in the marine species Kashimanada clams (spring), bonito (summer), flatfish (autumn), monkfish (winter), smelt was selected in the fresh water species.

Beaches of Ibaraki

Near and fun, clean and safe. “Beaches of Ibaraki”
There is also the beaches 18 places rich in change in the prefecture, the Ministry of the Environment has been selected to the selected “Kaimizu baths hundred election” beach is one of the Kanto seven locations also 5 places Yes you. Near and fun Ibaraki beaches. This summer, please enjoy big time in the sea of Ibaraki!
※ than tourism Ibaraki

Isohara Futatsushima beach
while watching the Isohara coast of the symbols in the white sand of the beach “Futatsushima”, marine blue boasts of beaches clear and enjoy it! Beautiful white sand beach the beach.

Takahagi beaches
that walk from Takahagi Station 10 minutes, beaches blessed with a great location. Clean sea and white sandy beach in the contrast of the shallow is attractive.

Ishi beach beaches
has been selected to Kaimizu baths hundred election, enjoy the beautiful scenery of white sand and green pine trees, it is a beautiful beach.

Kawajiri beach
in the beach adjacent to the Kawajiri port, seaside charm of gentle waves and shallow. Even in families with small children, and peace of mind you can enjoy swimming and Isoasobi.

Ose beaches
closest beach from Hitachi Station. Science Museum and Planetarium is around the station, making it ideal for There is also a leisure Kamine Zoo.

Kawarago beaches
have also been selected to Kaimizu baths hundred election, is a popular beach. Events such as sand art fireworks display will also be held.

Mizuki beaches
sandwiched between the Kawarago beaches and Kuji beach beaches, is a little-known spot is Pocket Beach. Kaimizu are also chosen to baths hundred election, is the wave quiet place attractive.

Kuji beach beach
adjacent to the Kuji fishing port and Hitachi Port, white lighthouse and the azure sea. Contrast of Shirahama and Cheongsong is the beach to show the outstanding landscape.

Ajigaura beach
coastline is the beaches that draw a beautiful arc over about 1.5 km away. It is also popular with families who are the couples and small children.

Hiraiso beaches
compact beaches surrounded by levees. Since the wave is calm, perfect for families. Slide floating on the waves, “Dai-chan of the whale” is popular with children.

Bosom Marin pool of UBA
salt water pool using the ebb and flow of the tide. Family is the most popular leisure spot in Child.

Oarai beach
in Japan has been chosen to Nagisa hundred election, background natural scenery is beautiful beach in the forest. In beaches, such as the natural pool surrounded by rocks and rocks, such as crabs and starfish can also be observed, you can enjoy small children.
Oarai Sun Beach beaches
have also been selected to Kaimizu baths hundred election, beaches of shallow, which boasts the Joban area maximum of scale. Such as performing a lending free of amphibious type of wheelchair, it has been consideration for those who have disabilities.
Otake coast Hokota beaches
since skilled lifeguards have to monitor the safety of the sea, you can also your swim with confidence small families with children. Standing slightly high waves, is also popular in surfing.
Shimotsu beaches
crystal clear water and beautiful sandy beach is swim easy beach in shallow charm.
Hirai beaches
off the beaten path specific spot which is located on the south side of the Shimotsu beaches. Sandy beach is wide, is attractive to swim easy waves calm.
Day Kawahama beaches
wide and white sandy beaches and popular beaches goodness of view. In popular with families, parking fees are also attractive because free.
Hasaki beaches
have also been selected to Kaimizu baths hundred election, clean beaches of the water in the shallow. Point of surfing and body board many, you can enjoy water sports.

In Ibaraki of sea beaches tour or something you like?

Places to Visit

Leisureland of Ibaraki

Kamine Park

Hitachi Kamine Park, zoo located in Hitachi city center, amusement park, leisure land, citizens pool, I God Horizon (bathing facilities Yes), local history museum, a comprehensive Tadashi Yoshida music Memorial Ibaraki Prefecture, the largest urban park in, it is in the neighborhood in the bonus is up to the private golf course and a baseball field. Is a symbol of the city Hitachi city of Sakura, is a park that has been selected in Japan Sakura attractions 100 election along with the Heiwadori.
From the Hitachi Central Inter, Please go by all means by the return of your rock shrine so soon of. Please refer to the main facilities of Hitachi for more information.

[Superb view Ibaraki] Sakura [4K] Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture | VISIT IBARAKI, JAPAN

Oarai Aquarium

Aqua World Oarai, the aquarium located in the Ibaraki Prefecture Higashiibaraki-gun, Oarai-machi. Leisure spot of the coast representative of the Ibaraki Prefecture, with Hitachi Seaside Park Hitachinaka adjacent to each other in the large aquarium of the top class in Japan facing the Pacific Ocean.
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Aqua World Ibaraki Oarai Aquarium 2012 AQUA WORLD Ibaraki Prefectural Oarai Aquarium

Tsukuba Expo Center

Tsukuba Expo Center is Tsukuba City Science Museum. 1985 (1985) to the International Science and Technology Exposition after the closing, which was held in Tsukuba Science City, was established in the hope to have a familiarity with the latest science, technology and familiar science. And planetarium with the scale of the world’s largest, model of life-size H-II rocket on display outdoors is characterized.

Tsukuba Expo Center

Festivals and major events

Kamine Shrine large festival

“Hitachi elegance product” is, huge floats of that rather than the name of the festival “trick” is studded. The trick is old mechanical gimmicks that have been used from in Japan, sophisticated technologies have been aggregated to the trick. Height 15 m, floats also a weight 5t is deformed by clockwork. State of deformation to the stage of the five-stage while the large floats view is superb. Puppet show was such as Japanese history and folklore to be carried out on the the subject’s point of even sightseeing. Which is also decorated trick is to this doll, the middle of a play, but a mechanism to change the appearance in the blink of an eye. Because puppet is carried out in front and back of the floats, the play at the table is completed, rotate the float 180 moves to play at the back. Manner of turning a clever doll operations and floats are not to be missed. Hitachi wind flow was, it is possible to see one in the “Hitachi Sakura Festival” to be held every year. However, in a large festival of Kamine Shrine which is carried out once in seven years, will abacus wind flow of the four transmitted to this land is all. Figure floats took four inherit the tradition is a masterpiece. ※ OH! Than MATSURI

Hitachi Otsu Mifune Festival

In Nami Saba earthly deities (Sawawachigi) Shrine of Ozu-machi, once every five years, is a spring festival that takes place May 2-3 days.
Nationally designated important intangible Mifune Festival of folk cultural assets specified, draw the two sides to seafood of Shibune, the Shibune carrying the mikoshi, stringing of about 300 people according to the Mizushi (Utako) singing Mifune singing and musical accompaniment parade the town hit by a hand. Ship’s bottom to the wheels instead of, laying the grid pattern on the wooden frame 100 chome which partnered called abacus, that 20, 30 young people go playing so slid over a wooden frame shaking from side to side trims in the boat side, worth seeing It is heroic festival with.
The next will take place in 2019. ※ than Kitaibaraki tourism Official HP

Mito Plum Festival

Mito Plum Festival PR video
2011 reconstruction prayer Tsuchiura fireworks “fireworks Dzukushi” high-quality full-HD
2017 Ibaraki Flower Park Illuminated
Pottery flame Festival of Kasama 2018

● Information ●

[Ibaraki Children’s Emergency telephone consultation] when your child is worried about a sudden illness (whether it is better to visit), please contact us. Nurse will answer.
■ weekday: 18 pm 30 minutes to next morning 8:00
■ Sundays and public holidays: 8 pm to next morning 8:00
■ Phone: 029-254-9900  

Fireworks of 2018 Ibaraki

Lively Ibaraki dream National Athletic Meet 2019

Including athletes and volunteers, all the people to participate in the national polity is, a vibrant, we will raise create a festival of sport with a dream to be active with enthusiasm.

Fly Habatake and to the future
greatly by participating in various forms to the national polity, and to be a tournament Ikeru and fluttered large for the future, we put the thought that.


Nickname: Iba lucky

Sponsored by
Foundation Japan Sports Association, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry, it is held by the three parties of Ibaraki Prefecture. For each competition, and day Taikyo Member Federations, will join also sponsored the venue location cities, towns and villages.

Held on time
on September 28, ㈯ to October 8, 2019 ㈫


To be held in Ibaraki Prefecture in 2019 “lively Ibaraki dream national polity” ( Ibaraki National Sports Festival is the official website of-the 74th National Sports Festival) – “lively Ibaraki dream national polity” (the 19th national disability sports event) “. Information, such as holding competitions and venues municipalities You can see.


Kashima Jingu Hitachi Province Ichinomiya | Official Image Video CM> mitai | Ibaraki Prefecture Kashima

From Wikipedia

Point of interest, history, facilities, etc.

Kairakuen (Mito)
Hiromichi Museum (Mito)
Mito City tap low-ku standpipe (Mito)
Rokkakudo (Kitaibaraki)
Ishioka first power plant facility (Takahagi, Kitaibaraki)
Nakaminato reflection furnace mark (Hitachinaka City)
Saikou Institute (Ishioka)
Oda Castle (Tsukuba, Japan)
Tsuchiura Castle (Tsuchiura)
Mito Castle (Mito)
Tokiwa Shrine Mito
Kasama Inari Shrine (Kasama)
Kashima Shrine (Kashima)
Mount Tsukuba Shrine (Tsukuba, Japan)
Nishiyama Ryokan (Hitachiota)
Chōshō-ji (Itako)
Ushiku Great Buddha (Ushiku)
Chateau Kamiya former brewery parking facilities (Ushiku)
Sashima Bando thirty-three Kannon sacred places (Sakaimachi)
Itabashi Fudoson (Tsukubamirai)
horizontal Tone locks (Inashiki)
Ushiku Naritasan ShinKiyoshitera (the principal image of Acala. the precincts there is a “divorce Inari”.) (Ushiku)

Natural scenic

Dragon Gorges
GoUra Coast (Kitaibaraki)
Kasumigaura (Tsuchiura City, Kasumigaura, Itako, whereabouts City, Hokota, Ishioka)
Kaba (Sakuragawa)
Minedera Mountain (Ishioka)
riverside (Itako)
Tsukuba ( Tsukuba City, Tsuchiura City, Sakuragawa-Ishioka)
Garden Hananuki Prefectural nature Park (Hitachi City, Takahagi, Kitaibaraki)
Fukuroda (Daigo-cho)
dragon Gorge (Hitachiota)

golden sand shrine Iso Dedai Festival: takes place once every 72 years. Next time of the 2075 schedule. (Hitachiota)
Tsukuba Ume Festival (mid-February to March late Tsukuba, Japan)
Plum Festival (mid-February to March in late Mito, Kairakuen) of Mito
Oarai Spring Festival Kairaku Festa (mid-March Oarai-machi)
Momo Furukawa festival (late March to early April Koga)
Hitachi air flow product (mid-April Hitachi City)
Kasama pottery flame Festival (late April-early May Kasama)
Suigo Ayame Itako Festival (late May to 6 month late Itako-riverside Ayame Itako Gardens)
Hinuma hydrangea festival (mid-June-mid-July, Ibaraki Town, Hinuma natural Park)
Kozuru Gion festival (mid-July, Ibaraki Town)
Shimodate Gion festival (late July Chikusei) – Japan one large shrine Doiki
Ushiku kappa festival (late July Ushiku)
Tsuchiura Killala festival (early August Tsuchiura)
Itako Gion festival circumcised (early August Itako)
Mito Komon festival (early August Mito)
ROCK iN JAPAN fESTIVAL (8 early May Hitachinaka, Hitachi Seaside Park)
festival Tsukuba (late August Tsukuba, Japan)
normal KuniSatoshisha temple festival (mid-September Ishioka) – Kanto three festival one of
Tsuchiura national fireworks Games (early October Tsuchiura) – one of Japan’s three large fireworks display
Mito Machinaka Festival (late October Mito)
Tsukuba Maple festival (November Tsukuba, Japan)
Ibaraki festival (early November Ibaraki-cho)
Masakado Festival (mid-November Bando)
Oarai Angler Festival (Oarai-machi mid-May 11)
Yamagata inn imoni (late November Hitachiōmiya) – Kanto one imoni
curse Festival (mid-December Kasama)

Sakura of town Hitachi   town of plum and park Mito

City Tsukuba of bread and robot   city of sky Hitachiota

Fireworks and the curry of the town Tsuchiura

The city of Seaside Park and dried potato Hitachinaka

Angler of the city Kitaibaraki autumn colors of the town Takahagi 

Atomic Energy of uneven Tokai town of sunflower Naka 

Live town Moriya Garupan of town Oarai 

City of waterfalls and konjac Daigo  starry sky of the city Hitachi Omiya

Art of the city handle  history and flowers Kaoru city Tsukubamirai

Happiness of town Joso created by people like you!

Soccer and factory town of Kamisu

Jingu and soccer town Kashima

Town Furukawa there is a history and Hana

Melon of city Hokota

Town of Hororu Shirosato

Signboard architecture and rose town of Ishioka

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