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Origin of place names

When miyada and Namekawa village to the merger, but the instructions of the prefecture was Miyagawa village, when I visited the Shinpozan, Mitsukuni Tokugawa Duke, “said a look at the beautiful morning sun to climb from the sea the day of standing Chi rising place because of the Story of territory one “, it is that it has become Hitachi village. Later it took the place name Hitachi mine , Hitachi was continue to develop as the street sunrise of its name.

Hitachi profile  tourist Ibaraki than
a mountain of Taga Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Hitachi City, which is located as surrounded by a large nature, has evolved as a base city of the province north region. Ishihama the coastline, Kawajiri, Ose, Kawarago, Mizuki, there is a different beach flavor each such Kuji beach, fishing has also been actively carried out. In particular, Ishi beach coast of the cliff there is only the capture field of cormorants in Japan. Cape of adjacent Kokuminshukusha cormorant, a popular inn in the goodness of outlook hot-spring bath and services. In addition, Katayabuyama in mountainous areas scattered boulders, your rocky mountain, has become a popular and hikers Takasuzusan, back Hitachi Killala village and Juo panoramic park is between those mountains, I bite Zoo, also dotted with attractions such as Kamine Leisureland. Hitachi mining and Hitachi has laid the form of as an industrial city, but in cultural facilities such as Nippon Mining Memorial and Xiaoping Memorial Hall, you can know the history of their industrial development. Also, the popular large-scale event that takes place in the city. Hitachi Cherry Blossom Festival, which decorate the Hitachi of spring, Hitachi wind flow product is a nationally designated important cultural property is showing off, even if a lot of people visit from outside the prefecture. Furthermore, Hitachi Kokusai street performers, events such as citizen opera has also been waged throughout the year.

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◆ event information ◆

Kamine Park Autumn Festival

Until November 13, during the date and time it held 
location Kamine Park

Sion Festival (school festival)

Date and time
2018, November 2 (Friday) 10:00 – 

2018 November 3 (Saturday and holidays) 9: 00 ~ 
location Ibaraki Christian

Engineering Festival

Date and time 2018 November 3, 
location Ibaraki University Faculty of Engineering

Hitachi Industrial Festival

Date and time 
2018 November 10 (Saturday) from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm 
2018 November 11 (Sunday) from 9:00 am until 30 pm 3 
location river cherry Arena pond

Hitachi Suites Summit

Date and time 2018 November 23 to 24 days 11:00 to 18:30 
location Marble Hall

Hitachi Christmas Market 
2018 in Christmas Marche

Date and time 2018 November 23, 11: 00 ~ 11 May 24 18:30 
location Hitachi Civic Center new city square

Hanayama cabaret tour 2018 autumn 
ladder liquor in Hitachi

Date and time 2018 November 24, 19:00 to 11:00 p.m. 
location Hanayama cabaret

Downtown shopping Association year-end Fair

Date and time 2018 December 1 to 25 days 
location downtown shopping Association year-end Fair participation shop

Hitachi city of event thing


Hitachi bypass

Sato back Hitachi Kirara

Ayukawa estuary

Miyata River estuary

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City of facilities and sports facilities


character of “day” of Hitachi, type up a circle, stylized in a very clever flowers “standing”, it is Genwa completely the two characters of Hitachi. Circle means the harmonious development, the center of the stand flowers, you have to think that the prosperity in the gorgeous. 
The city of flowers cherry
five petals, Hitachino each other hold hands with each other in the character of the design of “fire”, is what the image of that we watch carefully nurtured as Sakura City. 
City of wood zelkova
by warm, yet powerful arm of the wheel of Hitachi citizen, is what has put a meaning to save the city of the tree forever. It is also abstract design of The Hitachi of character. 
City of bird Umiu
determine the Commission Umiu to determine the City of bird as a city of birds, is the design of “Umiu” shining subjected to a large sun throughout the body. 
Fish of the city
to consider in the fish selection committee of the city, decided to fish the city to “Sakura Dako”. Design is what the image of a large and cheerful cherry octopus. 
Symbol mark
Standing rising place territory first and said the day of the light of the glow of the day, blessed with rich earth opened in the flower Sakura and Pacific Ocean City, image creation, in touch, clear, the joy of citizens to be flying full of moisture It is what was designed by being.

Hitachi specialty and common sense

The whopping Hitachi city, Rokkasho also have beaches. 
“For more information Hitachi city beach park guide please refer to the”. 
Kuji beach beach
Mizuki beach 
Kawarago beach 
Ose beach 
Kawajiri beach
Ishi beach beach

Cambrian strata

Later put a photo 
history of the Japanese archipelago began from the ground of Hitachi?!Unlock the 500 million years of the journey of the Cambrian strata birth that we are standing now, the Japanese archipelago, exactly, when and how to I wonder whether you? Of among the long Earth history of 4.6 billion years, from only 500 million years ago, this land represented the appearance. And its traces, there is only one place remaining in Japan.That’s around Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture. While tracing the 500 million years ago of the formation of Hitachi, approaching its secret. 

Hitachi city, you can see the oldest strata 500 million years before the Cambrian rocks in Japan ^ ^ 
wow Ssho ^^ ← Sapporo valve wind

Double-track-type aerial ropeway

It is the only aerial cableway in Japan. TV also is a rare thing that sometimes is introduced. 
One that is carrying a section of mountain 3.8km until limestone Yamane貯鉱field, which is a raw material of cement, which was mined in Hitachi Cement Corporation GaFutoshi Hirata mine, from Yamane貯鉱lot to the cement factory, the belt conveyor I go. It passes through the line over across the top of the number Sogo, and longitudinal the city to enter the basement from the vicinity of the City Hall have been transported to the factory. Currently fictional in Japan cableway is being operated is a rare facilities only here.

^^ you win a fictitious cableway ^^ sometimes golf ball through the top of the golf practice range

To the end point

belt conveyor

NoboriHirakushiki footbridge
Did you know that there is a rare pedestrian bridge in the whole country is in Hitachi City? There are two places footbridge is to move up and down that “NoboriHirakushiki movable bridge” in order to not interfere with the passage of large trailer carrying a large generator or the like made in the city of the factory until the Port of Ibaraki Hitachi Minato-ku. Time the city is asleep, it’s starts to move like a parade. 
※ than Hitachi official tweets

Kawarago footbridge

Mizuki footbridge

Hanayama cabaret

The Hanayama cabaret, is a red-light district, which was broadcast even NHK document 72hours. ← exaggerated 
eateries such as barracks is gathered is a place, such as the post-war world, but it seems the era, such as convenience stores and family restaurant was not was people also often visit only meal in the middle of the night. Click on the photo for more information.

Hitachitaga Station roundabout

Traffic congestion and difficult roundabout, operational start in Ibaraki, Hitachitaga station 
operation began JR Hitachitaga Station roundabout = 1 day, Hitachi Taga-cho, (Masamichi Kirihara shooting) intersection there is no signal of the one-way circular “cyclic a full-fledged operation of the intersection “one day, began with JR Hitachitaga front of the station Hitachi Taga-cho. Roundabout is widely referred to as a “roundabout” in Europe and the United States, the same day, set the traffic rules in the enforcement has been revised Road Traffic Law, was introduced in Japan. A type of intersection, orbiting around the entrance to the vehicle is provided in the central structure in one way clockwise. The entry vehicle to the intersection are obliged crawl is, because there is no traffic signals, traffic congestion is less likely to occur, are also unlikely to occur serious accident. 
※ than Sankei Shimbun

According such as the police, it begins operating in the country 15 places, in the prefecture only one place of Hitachitaga front of the station. Hitachitaga front of the station intersection, until now also On the other hand on the fact is regulated traffic, etc., it was functioning as a roundabout. Police this day the operation began, was well-known the passage way to distribute the flyers in Hitachitaga front of the station.

Chromophyton rosanoffii

As single-celled organisms usually, one length each, to move a total of two flagella. Of constituted life cycle in years, normally in the floating period of 6 months from April to form a cell mass composed of multiple layers on top of the hydrophobic pattern, which the incident light as a mirror seemed to shine in the golden color by reflecting, its appearance is that of it’s “so that was paved with gold dust.” For glowing mechanism, once it leaves the green body is as to reflect the light, this is a mistake. However, it has not been fully elucidated for more structured. 
In general, although the floating period is from April to June, as Chromophyton rosanoffii group fabric of Hitachi City Higashinamekawa beach green areas, there is also a place that looks glowing throughout the year. Hitachi has been referred to as the northern limit, but also occur in recent years Fukushima Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture has been confirmed. 
※ from Wikipedia

Three-spined stickleback

Three-spined stickleback is a fish of the stickleback from the body length 5 about 6 centimeters, and has a sharp thorn, such as in the back and belly. A lifetime to spend at sea other than the spawning season landlocked type to spend in fresh water, can be divided into Fuumi type. 
Landlocked type, such as the three-spined stickleback of Izumigamori park, you do not only live in clean spring water limited places with a (water temperature about 15 degrees). 
In food habits are carnivorous, You are such a bait aquatic insects. 
Male nest like a bird to collect, such as aquatic plants piece to the bottom of the pond, leading to take the courtship behavior of a kind that is referred to as the “zig-zag dance” to the female into the burrows, let to lay eggs. After spawning, the male will concentrate on raising children to begin to swim fry. For the three-spined stickleback of Izumigamori park, since accurate records is not, is not known habitat marked with the from time to time, has been confirmed that lived before at least half a century. 
※ from Hitachi city park guide

Hitachi day made, JX is referred to as the Mining or mine. Hitachi is from Hitachi two high, extremely narrow range of place names of up to Kamine Park. 
Toilet water washing. Sewer penetration rate was 98% or more, in the era of Showa, Hitachi, sewer construction work of Taga has been completed. 
Hitachi town of congestion> <somehow I want … is to Honto 
Sukegawa is not a Hitachi to be precise common sense of Miyata people! Since the contest for water rights of (Hitachi village Miyata + Namekawa) Hirasawa River (next to City Hall), Miyata and Sukegawa was bad is very relationship. 
(Because of the wind flow thereof) Kamine Shrine than your rock shrine 
in Japan last conglomerate birthplace. 
Showa until the 1950s, Ibaraki Prefecture express stop station Hitachi Station, Hitachi-Taga Station, a three-station only without the Mito Station, more population than the Mito, because became the first in 200,000 cities in the province, the largest city in the prefecture to have been conceited. 
There is only one Mercedes-Benz new car repair shop in Japan. Landing is also only Hitachi Port! Entrance of the Mercedes-Benz active in Japan. 
City Hall Saturday, the day also window open agency ← This surprisingly little

American battleship five ships that Hitachi was shooting ship guns, are all made into a museum. 
1945 June 10 ㈪, Hitachi has a day … 9 days tour of the house like in the air raid Coast (Hitachi) factory was a holiday transfer. If bulbul that might dead about at least 10,000 people if cry in the rest> <

Hitachi born

Pan Pong

The Pan Pong is a ball game that was born in Hitachi City. It was started in 1922 circa by Hitachi, Ltd. Hitachi Plant (formerly Yamate factory). In the ball game and similar to table tennis tennis carried out in the “net” made was a “racket” also of wood in a wooden board, and using a rubber ball for soft tennis.

Radio gymnastics

Mr. Kiichiro Toyama was born in Hitachi City (Mizuki) in 1909. He competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics as the Japan representative player of 1936. Later, he served as the Japan Gymnastics Association vice-president, also, was instrumental in the spread and development of rhythmic gymnastics. After the war, received the creation request of the current radio gymnastics, devised an “object cut – to do until the last ride at once started to move After the music”, radio broadcasting has been started in 1951.

Satellite relay
1963 November, is KDD Ibaraki space communication laboratory that was caught for the first time radio waves of television relay across the Pacific Ocean was established in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture Jūō, Ibaraki in Japan. 
Less than NHK archive
November 23, early in the morning, the world of broadcast history breakthrough experiment, the television of the universe relay across the Pacific Ocean have been made. 5 am 28 minutes, the video that has been beyond the first time in the history of Pacific Ocean to monitor TV was projected vividly. However, this historic is was sent aboard the radio waves, sad news of President Kennedy assassination. Relay of the announcer is report as “such do not have to send you a sad news is truly regrettable in this wave”, the impact is spread across the country.

Specialty & Specialties & Souvenirs

Mouth Fu Angler
prominent professor there is, “I eat a delicious, either. What a happy thing” when you ate the monkfish of Hitachi me to leave the word. Horekomi to this word, with permission to the professor, the monkfish was caught in Hitachi, was named “mouth Fu Angler” over a period of happiness and mouth Fu.

Kamine burger
so you can visit us anyone Even if you do not use the Kamine Zoo facility, even meal only Please feel free to use. “Kamine burger” of the original, has been using the Hitachi cattle and lotus root of local Ibaraki production, is our shop signboard menu that slice lotus root of sweet and crisp and texture of Hitachi cattle unique to enjoy was a good accent.

Hitachi crackers
since its inception in the Taisho era, we have been making old-fashioned Kawarasenbei for more than 80 years. In flour and eggs are the main raw materials, added to the sweetness of the secret that has been passed down from generation to generation, unique flavor and crispness you can not taste in other Kawarasenbei. The extra preservatives, coloring agents, because the additives such as perfumes are not used at all, served with confidence from children to the elderly. Two of the four pieces of the bag Hitachi lettered, the can with a picture of a large chimney, has also been popular as a factory Metropolitan souvenir of Hitachi. ※ than Hitachi regional brand Promotion Council

During motor
not mean that HITACHI official, but Hitachi of home territory, while Hitachi confection of the motor. The name of Hitachi, Ltd. are those that mimic the motor type of spread to the world, Toka was a business trip souvenir of classic employees of Hitachi. Sweets from quite interesting, taste usually delicious. ※ than Retty gourmet

Confection fan
confection is a fan, but once Ogawaya’s shopkeeper, and trying to confection of town, is that the permission is desperately pleaded to the factory. In the heyday of the fan business, he told us to have delivered in large quantities to the factory as Ochauke. As with the middle motor, it is a venerable Japanese sweet …. Please come to the Hitachi souvenir! 
※ Mt. From the blog of KAZENOKAMI

Omika bun
The Tororo (Joyo) bun bun, it will be the gem that is the essence of sweets that combines whiteness, beauty, elegance.Omika bun of our shop, the carefully exposed the special of bean jam and have been carefully selected in Hokkaido Tokachi red beans, wrapped in cloth, which was the main rice flour, preservatives etc. are steamed without any. It is not possible to eat delicious only about three days, so we have kept the old-fashioned honest taste, but that’s why on the day delicious and large we have been popular over the eternal about sell 20,000 or more. 
※ from official website

Speaking of Hitachi

Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi, Ltd. (Hitachi, UK: Hitachi, Ltd.) is a Japanese electronics manufacturer, a core company of the Hitachi Group. Japan’s largest electrical equipment manufacturers [3]. Nikkei one of the constituent stocks of the average stock price and TOPIX Core30. 
Known as such as Hitachi and HITACHI. In particular, it is a land of its founding, in such as Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture facing the main factory, which is also referred to as an abbreviation for Hitachi to distinguish such as the Hitachi City and other Hitachi Group companies of government agencies day made Nissei ( see below). 
Predecessor is a Kuhara Mining Plant Hitachi mine to produce a copper sulfide and iron ore to the current Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture. Hitachi mine Kuhara conglomerate was born as a mother, Nissan Group has been formed in response to the flow of Kuhara conglomerate. In addition, repair manufacturing sector of the machine to be used in the Hitachi mine, to complete the Japan’s first 5-horsepower induction motor (motor) in 1910, Hitachi, Ltd. was established. Eventually it becomes possible to develop the largest comprehensive electronics manufacturer in Japan, and as the world’s leading electronics manufacturers. 
※ from Wikipedia

4 large power spot

Your rock shrine

Hitachi 4 large power is the most popular of your rock shrine spot ^^ 
astronaut Chiaki Mukai, when looking at the Earth from space “was standing light pillars in Japan, Hitachi If you take a look at its location There are rumors that had been said that the mountain was in the “, seems the place is said to be that it would be your rock shrine. 
What the thanks. Year by year and the visit’s more, you have a lot of visitations’s visited by now. 
※ 4 large power spot  Ken Wariyama , your rock Shrine , Izumi Shrine , Omika shrine
as a boss personal shrine Kamine I want you to 5 large spot to put!

Kamine Park

Hitachi Kamine Park, zoo located in Hitachi city center, amusement park, leisure land, citizens pool, I God Horizon (bathing facilities Yes), local history museum, a comprehensive Tadashi Yoshida music Memorial Ibaraki Prefecture, the largest urban park in, it is in the neighborhood in the bonus is up to the private golf course and a baseball field. Is a symbol of the city Hitachi city of Sakura, is a park that has been selected in Japan Sakura attractions 100 election along with the Heiwadori. 
From the Hitachi Central Inter, Please go by all means by the return of your rock shrine so soon of. Please refer to the main facilities of Hitachi for more information.

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The bicycle to the person who uses
the operation of while watching the parallel running and smartphone in the population is dangerous! 
Protect your manners and traffic rules! 
Also let’s be sure to join the bicycle insurance in preparation for the event of an accident. 
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About How to put out garbage

When out the trash, check the contents of the dust brochure, let’s observe the rules of each region. 
Or discarded in addition to a defined date and time, and is issued without separation, it may be denied the collection of garbage. 
In that case, it will be more of the nuisance that use the same garbage station, please use earnestly care.

Garbage Let’s neatly sorted! 
If you do not think they were properly sorted it may not be able to recover. 
Let’s do the sorting in accordance with the rules of each region! 
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